Actionable Human Insights

Staying Informed

Institutional Investors

Managing through the more challenging interest rate, credit and economic environments, Tannin Capital portfolios are well positioned in advance to benefit from the inevitable windows of heightened volatility.

Private Clients

Tannin's Culture embraces the responsibility of serving our Private Clients as fiduciaries with the highest standard of care. Tannin creates custom solutions by integrating sophisticated wealth management capabilities & institutional due diligence and operating expertise for the direct benefit of our Private Clients.

Financial Professionals

Accessing Tannin's platform advisory, direct SMA advisory and sub-advised separately managed accounts.

Tannin Insights

Tannin's culture and unique multi-custodial platform allow our teams to focus on how our clients win.  Aligned interests with our clients, the highest ethical standards, decades of capital markets experience, the creativity and artistry born from thousands of challenging days, perseverance through adversity, being thankful that we are able to wake up and embrace the freshness of new endeavors, deep practice, strong institutional relationships, intellectual capital, superior technology, retained option value, controlling the cusip for our clients' direct benefit, actionable cusip level insights and truly informed institutional execution as fiduciaries are how we generate alpha and value for our clients over time.

Clay H. Young, CFA

Navigating Capital Markets For After-Tax Risk-Adjusted Performance... What's left...