Expertly Managing Your Assets, Maximizing Your Investments

Institutional Investors

Managing through the more challenging interest rate, credit and economic environments, Tannin Capital portfolios are well positioned in advance to benefit from the inevitable windows of heightened volatility.

Private Clients

Tannin's Culture embraces the responsibility of serving our Private Clients as fiduciaries with the highest standard of care. Tannin creates custom solutions by integrating sophisticated wealth management capabilities & institutional due diligence and operating expertise for the direct benefit of our Private Clients.

Financial Professionals

Accessing Tannin's platform advisory, direct SMA advisory and sub-advised separately managed accounts.

Bringing Institutional Investment Management Capabilities to Clients

Tannin Capital serves a broad base of institutional clients with the foremost goal of bringing extensive capital markets expertise and perspective directly to clients through its institutional investment management advisory and sub-advisory platform.

Tannin Capital focuses on our vision for a 21st century client-driven business with an emphasis on culture: building our team with passionate people who share our vision of responsible growth through proven processes, operation, execution, and dedication within a privately held firm operating within the highest ethical standards.

Essential Operating Characteristics

Tannin Capital provides fixed income and equity solutions through Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs) which provide the flexibility and customized structure to achieve client goals of capital preservation, and maximization of tax-exempt & after-tax income with prudent growth over time.

We implement our investment strategies within a disciplined investment process, with an emphasis on risk management. Our goal for each client is tax-efficiently managing client portfolios through dynamic credit and interest rate market cycles while preserving capital and providing a consistent level of tax-efficient income with higher risk-adjusted performance relative to our peers and benchmarks.

The Investment Advisors Who Have Your Best Interests in Mind

Core Principles

  • Focus on how clients win
  • Disciplined long-term perspective for the benefit of clients
  • Align our interests with our clients
  • Execute opportunistically and efficiently to achieve the vision
  • Intense emphasis on complementary lines of business
  • Leverage disruptive technologies for the benefit of clients
  • Implement a client-focused business model, while managing risk, to Preserve, Strengthen & Grow® clients' capital
  • Embrace the Vision & Culture of client-centric collaboration with the highest ethical standards
  • Drive compliance initiatives, processes & systems to exceed regulatory requirements
  • Serving people and communities through hard work, giving and helping hands

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