Vision & Culture

Empathy, Experience, Expertise, Ethics & Execution

Focusing On How Our Clients Win

Aligned Interests, Values, Integrity & Highest Ethical Standards

Tannin seeks and embraces technological advances in the sciences as essential elements of our platform. We invest meaningfully to Preserve, Strengthen and Grow Tannin's Intellectual Capital and proprietary systems, Humanalyze ™ and TECI ™, that are integral parts of our Edge.

So what really drives Tannin's value and is even more exciting to us?

Our appreciation of the opportunities across Tannin's platform to serve and build relationships with our clients as Humans...Tannin's Beveled Edge...the human artistry of combining each team member's unique sensory perception, empathy and experience with leading technologies in real time, working as a team, to bring actionable insights to light for the direct benefit of our clients.

Clay H. Young, CFA

Tannin's culture, empathy, highest ethical standards, aligned interests with our clients, unique multi-custodial platform and 100+ years of combined capital markets experience allow our teams to focus and execute for the direct benefit of our clients.


Tannin focuses on our vision for a 21st century client driven business with an emphasis on culture:  building our teams with experienced people who are passionate about what they do to serve our clients and share our vision of responsible growth through proven processes, operational expertise, execution and dedication within a privately held firm with the highest ethical standards.

Understanding our client’s cash flows allows us to manage risk and ultimately maximize value/reward for our clients.

Tannin Capital focuses on creating value for our institutional, family office and private clients by managing portfolios within the context of their overall balance sheets.

Tannin Capital is keenly focused on building portfolios that preserve the liquidity, control and tax optionality necessary to strengthen the portfolio and position it for growth through higher risk-adjusted returns over time.

Our team members, through exceptional client service and dedication to the firm, are subsequently rewarded as well, which solidifies loyalty to our clients and the firm.  At Tannin Capital, the rewards are meaningful, sustainable and repeatable which creates certainty over time.  This in turn maximizes value for clients, team members, and partners.

The ability to integrate institutional capital markets and family office experience, as well as core financial and proprietary portfolio management strategies, as viable components of a superior client offering in tandem with building a unique culture and enduring brand.

We are building a durable brand around people who are genuinely interested in serving their clients’ needs first, who also have the unique qualifications, mastery and experience to be ahead of the competition for institutional, family office and private clients when it matters most.  Tannin Capital’s intense focus on solving for excellence for the benefit of our clients is the essence of this unique opportunity.



Core Principles

  • Focus on how clients win
  • Disciplined long-term perspective for the benefit of clients
  • Align our interests with our clients
  • Execute opportunistically and efficiently to achieve the vision
  • Intense emphasis on complementary lines of business
  • Leverage institutional & proprietary technologies for the benefit of clients
  • Implement a client-focused business model, while managing risk, to Preserve Strengthen & Grow clients' capital
  • Embrace the Vision & Culture of client centric collaboration with the highest ethical standards
  • Drive compliance driven processes & systems to exceed regulatory requirements
  • Serving people and communities through hard work, giving and helping hands

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