Leveraging Institutional & Proprietary Technologies For The Benefit Of Clients

Tannin Capital, LLC is an investment advisory firm in Charlotte, NC dedicated to serving clients all over the United States and the world.  Tannin's platform has the technology, connectivity and proprietary analytics to help manage portfolios, sectors, and individual securities within the context of your balance sheet with institutional execution in real time.


  • Tax-Efficiency & Community Impact ™  Tannin's institutional platform recognizes client directed Impact Investments in communities throughout the U.S. and world. Our trading platform, in both the tax-exempt and taxable municipal bond & agency markets for example, provides the access and execution capabilities to support both your specific Impact initiatives and risk-adjusted performance objectives.  Issuers, investors, market participants, and technology providers working together to positively impact communities.
  • Tannin’s Focus on Solving for Excellence For the Benefit of Our Clients: Unless client “problems” are being solved in a superior way, then they are paying for commoditized products and are merely a number. With experience and keen focus on tax-exempt and taxable assets, Tannin implements a dynamic investment management process utilizing proven proprietary, client specific, tax option valuation models.
  • Tannin Capital utilizes HUMANALYZE™ proprietary technology believing that actionable insights come from human analysts and portfolios managers with extensive capital markets experience and investment acumen leveraging the most sophisticated technologies and platforms.
  • Tannin Capital utilizes TECI™ proprietary technology and its customized strategic portfolio management process that is implemented within a disciplined investment and risk management framework to employ proven proprietary tax option valuation models and community impact models for each client.

Preserve | Strengthen | Grow®

powered by TECI™


Given the high correlation often found between asset classes and our experience managing through more frequent “fat tail” windows of volatility, we believe it is important to analyze macro environments and forces:  Not to guess interest rates or time economic cycles, but to model and stress potential paths and scenarios within the context of our clients' balance sheets.  We seek to Preserve capital by identifying risk exposure to the present value of equity in our clients’ balance sheets.  We then address those risks by building liquidity and optionality into specialized portfolios to Strengthen the portfolio as the Control Lever to maximize risk-adjusted total return for our clients by protecting and subsequently Growing the present value of equity in anticipation of and throughout more volatile environments.

Preserve | Strengthen | Grow®

Core Principles

  • Focus on how clients win
  • Disciplined long-term perspective for the benefit of clients
  • Align our interests with our clients
  • Execute opportunistically and efficiently to achieve the vision
  • Intense emphasis on complementary lines of business
  • Leverage institutional & proprietary technologies for the benefit of clients
  • Implement a client-focused business model, while managing risk, to Preserve Strengthen & Grow clients' capital
  • Embrace the Vision & Culture of client centric collaboration with the highest ethical standards
  • Drive compliance driven processes & systems to exceed regulatory requirements
  • Serving people and communities through hard work, giving and helping hands

Tannin seeks and embraces technological advances in the sciences as essential elements of our platform. We invest meaningfully to Preserve, Strengthen and Grow Tannin's Intellectual Capital and proprietary systems, Humanalyze ™ and TECI ™, that are integral parts of our Edge.

So what really drives Tannin's value and is even more exciting to us?

Our appreciation of the opportunities across Tannin's platform to serve and build relationships with our clients as Humans...Tannin's Beveled Edge...the human artistry of combining each team member's unique sensory perception, empathy and experience with leading technologies in real time, working as a team, to bring actionable insights to light for the direct benefit of our clients.

Clay H. Young, CFA

Proprietary Systems powered by TECI™



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