Designing client specific solutions with aligned interests for better risk-adjusted after-tax total returns.


Senior Executives & Advisory Partners

Senior Executives

  • Clay H. Young, CFA Founder & CEO
  • William J. Blanton, Managing Director, Consulting & Retired IAR

Advisory Partners

  • Strategic Corporate & Private Advisors
  • Compliance, Legal & Regulatory Counsel

Our goal for each client is tax-efficiently managing portfolios through dynamic economic, credit and interest rate market cycles while preserving capital, strengthening the portfolio for future growth and providing a consistent level of tax-efficient income with higher risk-adjusted performance relative to our peers and benchmarks.

Investment Team

Tannin Capital's investment team members manage risk to Preserve capital, create innovative strategies to Strengthen and position client portfolios and Grow capital by executing on real time opportunities. Our top priority is serving our clients’ needs with a keen focus on designing client specific solutions for better risk-adjusted returns. Tannin’s portfolio management team provides extensive institutional operational expertise, execution capabilities, proven processes, technological systems, discipline, ethical standards and 100+ years of collective industry experience.

Tannin’s operations, trading and portfolio management teams average more than 25 years of relevant capital markets experience.

  • 100+ years of collective investment industry experience
  • Portfolio Management Team—CFA Charterholder and team averaging 20+ years of capital markets and portfolio management experience

Institutional Investment Management Professionals

Institutional Investment Management

  • Clay H. Young, CFA, Chief Investment Officer
  • William J. Blanton, Managing Director, Consulting & Retired IAR
  • Patricia D. Ogburn, SVP, Office Manager, Operations & Trading
  • Connor M. Burdick, Data Scientist & Business Analyst
  • Krista B. Young, VP, Operations & Administration Specialist
  • Mary Jo Rochelle, VP, Operations & Trading Specialist
  • Kayden C. Roberts, Institutional Business Development Associate

Tannin's business principles, private partnership, and collaborative team structure empower us to manage risk, solve problems and create real value for our institutional, family office and private clients by managing portfolios within the context of their overall balance sheets.

Clay H. Young, CFA

Founder & CEO
Chief Investment Officer


Patricia D. Ogburn

Senior Vice President, Office Manager
Operations & Administration Specialist


Mary J. Rochelle

Vice President, Client Services
Operations & Trading Specialist


William J. Blanton

Managing Director

Consultant & Retired Investment Advisor


Krista B. Young

Vice President, Client Services
Operations & Administration Specialist

KBY Raleigh

Multi-Custodial, Institutional & Client Centric

Multi-Custodial Platform, Institutional Trading, Research, Technology, Operations & Client Service Support Teams

True Independence. 

Tannin Capital, LLC’s multiple clearing and custody relationships give advisors the freedom to be driven by their fiduciary obligations to their clients. By leveraging the vast resources of these custodians we’re able to offer our clients an array of products that match their needs. 

  • Raymond James & Associates
    • IAD: Investment Advisors Division
    • RCS: RIA Custody Services
  • US Bancorp (USB) Sub-Advisory Custody
  • Schwab Institutional & Sub-Advisory Custody
  • Primary Institutional Capital Markets, Custody, Private Banking
  • Bloomberg, LP
    • Connectivity Feeds
    • Institutional Research
    • Portfolio Analytics & Optimizers
    • Institutional Electronic and OTC Trading

Tannin's Institutional platform recognizes client directed Impact Investments in communities throughout the U.S. and world. Beyond more credit sensitive corporate bonds and equities, our trading in both the tax-exempt and taxable municipal bond & agency markets provides the access and execution capabilities to support your initiatives.

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