Financial Professionals

Separately Managed Accounts

Providing Financial Professionals with Direct Access

Investment Strategy

Managing through the more challenging interest rate, credit and economic environments, Tannin Capital portfolios are well positioned in advance to benefit from the inevitable windows of heightened volatility.

Financial Professionals

Tannin's Culture embraces the responsibility of serving Financial Professionals as fiduciaries with the highest standard of care. Tannin creates custom solutions by integrating sophisticated wealth management capabilities & institutional due diligence and operating expertise for the direct benefit of clients.

Cash & Lending Solutions

Tannin's multi-custodial platform opens more possibilities for customized cash management & lending solutions, leading to more potential tax-efficiency for clients.

Exceptional Institutional Investment Management Services

Strengthening Portfolios With Tannin's Separately Managed Accounts


  • Direct Institutional
  • Family Office
  • SMA Sub-Advisory
  • Platform Sub-Advisory


Given the high correlations often found between asset classes and our experience managing through more frequent “fat tail” windows of volatility, we believe it is important to analyze macro environments and forces:  Not to guess interest rates or time economic cycles, but to model and stress potential paths and scenarios within the context of our clients' balance sheets.  We seek to Preserve capital by identifying risk exposure to the present value of equity in our clients’ balance sheets.  We then address those risks by building liquidity and optionality into specialized portfolios to strengthen the portfolio as the Control Lever to maximize risk-adjusted total return for our clients by protecting and subsequently growing the present value of equity in anticipation of and throughout more volatile environments.

Navigating Capital Markets For After-Tax Risk-Adjusted Performance... What's left...

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